12 NJ Celebs with Googly Eyes

Earlier this week we discovered that adding googly eyes to photos of regular people is really funny. So, in no particular order, here are twelve people from our great state that have had their regular peepers replaced with hilarious ones.
#12. Jon Bon Jovi.  Born in Perth Amboy
#11. Kirsten Dunst. From Point Pleasant, NJ.
#10. Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen. Born in Long Branch, NJ.
#9. Michael Douglas. From Long Branch, NJ
#8. Zach Braff. From South Orange, NJ.
#7. One of our favorites, Kevin Smith. Born in Red Bank, NJ.
#6 Meryl Streep. From Summit, NJ.
#5 Paul Rudd. From Passaic, NJ.
#4. Frank "Blue Eyes" SInatra. Born in Hoboken, NJ.
#3. John Travolta. From Englewood, NJ.
Bonus: John Travolta from Battlefield Earth: Worst Movie Ever.
#2. Queen Latifah. From Newark, NJ.
And last, but by no means, least. Seriously.
#1. Chris Christie. From Newark, NJ.
Bonus Chris Christie!
Looks like he just spotted some cake in the audience!