About Us

Founded in 2008, TRUE had humble beginnings in Asbury Park in a space no bigger than a small bedroom.

The original founders met at a time when the stores were awash with mass-market apparel glorifying far away places like California and some closer to home like New York or Philadelphia. Shirts emblazoned with the names of these metropolitan brands were commonplace, but it was a challenge to find anything paying respect to the state where these purveyors were located.

While no one had any issue with these other desirable destinations, that certainly doesn't mean there couldn't be room for this small and unassuming state of ours. It became obvious that the Garden State was in need of a little love.

The idea of a brand reflecting the culture and lifestyle in Jersey began to take root. If California, New York, and every other region in the country could do it, then so can we. So with the scrounged up dollars from their living room sofas, TRUE was born on the Fourth of July in Asbury Park.

Since then TRUE has become known for uniquely local wares and the genuine homegrown attitude that is expected of a company raised in the state people love to hate. We remain committed to supporting the place and the people of the state we call home, and providing products that are a real expression of the most underrated state in the Union.

We continue to sell directly through our website and through the countless events, expo and festivals that take us all over the Garden State year after year. All of our apparel is proudly designed in house and printed in New Jersey.